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Listen: Eagles Fans Are Chanting "F*** Tom Brady" In The Streets Of Philadelphia

Eagles fans in the streets after the Super Bowl.

Eagles fans are letting it be known that they aren't fond of Tom Brady.

The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl champions, finally, and to make it happen, they had to take down Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. The Eagles knocked off the reigning champs 41-33 in a shootout.

Quarterback Nick Foles, who took over for Carson Wentz late in the season after Wentz tore his ACL, finished 28-of-43 for 373 yards and three touchdowns with just one interception. Foles was named the MVP of the contest.

Tom Brady finished 28-of-48 for 505 yards and three touchdowns, but couldn't lead the Patriots to a score on either of his team's final two drives.

Brady, who failed to win his sixth Lombardi Trophy, is one of the most respected quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. But that doesn't mean that supporters of other fan bases like him. That was apparent on Sunday night.

After the contest, Eagles fans throughout Philadelphia were having fun at Brady's expense. Some were even chanting "F*** Tom Brady" in unison.

Check it out - warning, it's obviously graphic language.

The tweet comes from Makiki Reuvers, a student at Penn.

Congrats to the Eagles and their rabid fan base. There are going to be some serious hangovers tomorrow morning.