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Eagles May Have Borrowed Trick Play That Scored Touchdown From Tennessee

Eagles touchdown pass in the Super Bowl.


The Philadelphia Eagles ran a phenomenal trick play to score a touchdown late in the second quarter.

We've had a bizarre Super Bowl between the Eagles and Patriots so far. One theme for both teams: kicker problems.

Josh Elliott missed an extra point for the Eagles after their first touchdown. Stephen Gostkowski has had a whole host of issues.

He missed a short field goal, and is 0-for-1 on extra points. After the missed field goal, Belichick went for it on 4th down on the next opportunity, unsuccessfully.

The Eagles also went for a gutsy fourth down in opposing territory. It went a bit better.

On 4th-and-goal from the one yard line, the Eagles direct snapped it to Corey Clement, who flipped it to Trey Burton on a reverse.

He found Nick Foles for a wide open touchdown. It put Philly up 22-12, which they took into halftime.

This isn't the first team to score on this exact play in recent years. Last fall, Tennessee quarterback Josh Dobbs caught a touchdown vs. Texas A&M on the same play.

The Vols lost that game in overtime, 45-38. Hopefully for Philadelphia's sake, their game finishes out a bit better. Of course, it might not have been Butch Jones's team that inspired Philly. Nick Foles's high school team also ran a similar trick play.

Foles required a bit more effort to make the grab back in high school. Here is today's edition.

The Patriots scored to open things up in the second half. Philly leads 22-19 and is currently driving in Pats territory.