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ESPN Analyst Has Solution For Carson Wentz, Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz on Monday night.

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - NOVEMBER 30: Carson Wentz #11 of the Philadelphia Eagles reacts after throwing an incomplete pass during the fourth quarter against the Seattle Seahawks at Lincoln Financial Field on November 30, 2020 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

The Philadelphia Eagles have a quarterback problem and there might not be a simple solution to that problem.

Former No. 2 overall pick Carson Wentz owns one of the largest contracts in NFL history. However, with the season on the line, Eagles head coach Doug Pederson turned to rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts to lead the team.

Now there is a legitimate quarterback controversy. Will the Eagles keep both quarterbacks heading into 2021 or trade one before next season kicks off?

ESPN's Mike Tannenbaum has a solution. He thinks the Eagles should trade Wentz to the Indianapolis Colts or New England Patriots and have Wentz re-work his contract.

Check it out.

Tannenbaum's solution includes Wentz writing a $20 million check to the Eagles, which would help the team's salary cap situation.

After the Eagles trade Wentz to the Colts or Patriots, that team would offer him a $20 million signing bonus so the quarterback doesn't lose any money. The team that trades for Wentz would then re-work his contract so that cap hit isn't as significant.

Going to Indianapolis would result in Wentz reuniting with Colts head coach Frank Reich. His best season as a quarterback came when Reich was the quarterbacks coach in Philadelphia.

Both Philip Rivers and Jacoby Brissett will be free agents after the 2020 season, which could open the door for Wentz to come in as the new franchise quarterback.