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ESPN's Sage Steele 'Frustrated' At Lack Of Outrage Against DeSean Jackson's Instagram Post

Sage Steele speaks on ESPN.


You can count ESPN's Sage Steele among the many who are frustrated over the discrepancy in outrage between DeSean Jackson's recent Instagram controversy and the reaction to Drew Brees stating one should always stand for the national anthem.

Taking to Twitter on Friday, Steele said that what Jackson did was "undeniably worse than what Brees said". She expressed her frustration at the "lack of outrage" over what Jackson has posted online.

Steele pointed out that it's not good enough to only hold people accountable "when it's convenient for us". She called on everyone to hold people accountable for their insensitive remarks at all times.

"Frustrating to see the lack of outrage for what Desean said, which was undeniably worse than what Brees said" Steele wrote. "Are we all in on holding ppl accountable for insensitive remarks? Or only when it’s convenient for us?"

On Thursday night, Steele did a segment on SportsCenter where she pointed out how the many athletes who invoked the mantra "Silence is Compliance" have remained silent during this DeSean Jackson controversy.

Drew Brees was pilloried in the media for what he said about standing and kneeling for the national anthem. He later apologized and even got into a war of words with President Donald Trump over his decision to do so.

But the reaction from the same media members and athletes who piled onto Brees largely blew off Jackson's post that invoked stereotypes about Jewish people while attributing the remarks to Adolf Hitler (falsely).

This is a clear double-standard among some people who are fighting against racial injustice in America.

Achieving an ambitious goal like racial justice requires building a massive, intersectional coalition. That effort can be swiftly and easily undermined when the leading voices don't recognize their own ignorance.

Sage Steele certainly seems to understand that. Hopefully DeSean Jackson, Stephen Jackson and Malik Jackson realize it too.