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Jalen Hurts Names The No. 1 Thing That DeVonta Smith Brings

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts against the Saints.

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - DECEMBER 13: Quarterback Jalen Hurts #2 of the Philadelphia Eagles runs off the field following the Eagles win over the New Orleans Saints at Lincoln Financial Field on December 13, 2020 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Jalen Hurtswas very excited when the Philadelphia Eagles selected DeVonta Smith with the No. 10 overall pick, trading up to jump the New York Giants and snag the Heisman winner. Hurts played with Smith at Alabama, and the Eagles needed a wide receiver very badly.

"Run It Back Thennnn My Boy!" Hurts wrote on Twitter after the selection. "You Deserve It All Brotha , Congrats !! Let’s Get To It ‼️@DeVontaSmith_6."

Smith was a rumored target of the Eagles for a while, though the team was also connected to Ja'Marr Chase and Jaylen Waddle, both of whom were drafted ahead of him. As a result, he and Hurts discussed the possibility that they could play together in the NFL.

He spoke to the Eagles media today, and reiterated how excited he is to have DeVonta Smith on the team. Even though they only overlapped for one year in Tuscaloosa, the two started building a pretty strong bond back in 2018.

“I think about DeVonta and I always tell people the first thing about him, one, the competitor he is. Kind of a stoic guy, kind of like myself in a few ways,” Jalen Hurts said during the presser. “But he’s self-driven and bringing someone in like that, it helps. Just the presence of him being here.

“I look at the late nights that we had in college where there was nothing else to do, we’d go out there and go throw. Or when I hosted him on a recruiting visit to come to Alabama, usually you want to go maybe go on the strip, the college street in Tuscaloosa, or find something to get into, a party or something like that. His head wasn’t on that. He was trying to work when we were in the indoor, late at night, getting work in. So I think that shows the mentality he has and I think he’s bringing all that with him here.”

The fact that DeVonta Smith was more focused on working out during a recruiting visit, rather than seeing what the Alabama party life had to offer, is pretty telling. There have been plenty of questions about his ability to make the leap to the NFL given his size, but there should be no doubts about his work ethic.