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Video: Colin Cowherd's Carson Wentz Segment Is Going Viral

FOX Sports 1 personality Colin Cowherd.

FOX Sports 1.

Love him or hate him, Colin Cowherd just had one of his most entertaining segments ever during Thursday's edition of The Herd. Even his biggest critics can't deny that.

For the past few years, Cowherd has made it abundantly clear that he's a fan of Carson Wentz. He's always complimented the Eagles quarterback's ability to win with minimal talent around him.

Wentz has struggled mightily to start the 2020 season though, as he currently has just two touchdowns and four interceptions. Instead of addressing Wentz's turnover issues on The Herd, Cowherd brought up a different issue for the Pro Bowl quarterback.

Cowherd isn't thrilled that Wentz wore his baseball cap backwards during his latest media session. Seriously, the FS1 radio host had a whole rant about it on his show this afternoon.

"Me and the boys had beers last week," Cowherd said when putting on an Eagles hat backwards. "I'm the quarterback. Bank of America? I've never been to a bank. You tell me there's not a difference between this look [backwards cap] as a franchise quarterback and this one."

Here's the segment from The Herd that's going viral:

Regardless of what Cowherd thinks, Wentz's fashion style and on-field success don't go hand in hand.

Wentz will try to bounce back from a disastrous start to the season this Sunday, as the Eagles will host the Bengals.