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Video: Things Got Pretty Heated On ESPN Radio This Morning

ESPN NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky.


Carson Wentz's season-long struggles for the Philadelphia Eagles have led to some interesting debates over whether he's fully responsible for the team being 3-6-1 this season.

On Monday's edition of Keyshawn, JWill & Zubin, show host Keyshawn Johnson got into a heated debate with ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky over how much blame Wentz deserves for turnovers. The two specifically got into it over Wentz's second interception, which Orlovsky blamed on receiver Alshon Jeffery.

But Keyshawn was not hearing it. The former NFL wide receiver stood up for Jeffery, blaming Wentz for throwing a bad ball.

Orlovsky did his best to keep his cool during the exchange, but Keyshawn was incensed. The two went back and forth debating the single play for several minutes before agreeing to disagree.

But there was one area where Dan Orlovsky and Keyshawn Johnson were in lockstep: Carson Wentz needs to take blame for the Eagles' struggles.

There has been a lot of chatter that second-round rookie QB Jalen Hurts deserves a chance to get some playing time. But head coach Doug Pederson has maintained that he will not bench Wentz.

Given that Wentz is locked in as the Eagles QB with a long-term contract, it's hard to keep him on the bench anyway.

The debate over whether Wentz is as bad as he's playing or if he's having a bad year will likely rage until 2021. But it's fun to see how heated some people can get over it.