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How Alex Smith Reportedly Feels About The Washington Football Team

Alex Smith #11 of the Washington Football Team looks on

DETROIT, MICHIGAN - NOVEMBER 15: Alex Smith #11 of the Washington Football Team looks on during their game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on November 15, 2020 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

Alex Smith turned a lot of heads this week with his comments about the Washington Football Team. During an interview with GQ, he said he "threw a wrench" in the team's plans by returning to the field in 2020.

“When I decided to come back, I definitely threw a wrench in the team’s plan,” Smith said. “They didn’t see it, didn’t want me there, didn’t want me to be a part of it, didn’t want me to be on the team, the roster, didn’t want to give me a chance. Mind you, it was a whole new regime, they came in, I’m like the leftovers and I’m hurt and I’m this liability. Heck no, they didn’t want me there. At that point, as you can imagine, everything I’d been through, I couldn’t have cared less about all that. Whether you like it or not, I’m giving this a go at this point.”

These comments from Smith left fans wondering if there was any animosity between him and the organization. After all, it seemed like they were hesitant about his return to the gridiron.

Thankfully, Washington insider JP Finlay was able to provide some new information on Smith's relationship with the team.

"The message from the source I talked to close to Alex is that, listen, there's no animosity towards the organization," Finlay said on his 106.7 The Fan radio show. "None of those comments were meant to make anybody mad. He was simply telling the story of what happened."

Since the NFL world doesn't often hear from Smith, it's shocking when he does open up like this.

"Alex doesn't say stuff like that very often, and so it jumps out," Finlay said, via "But I think if you take a step back, we all know what threw a wrench in the plans. The plan was Haskins. If it wasn't Haskins, it was Kyle Allen. So those are just some contextual information around that interview, that I don't think anybody ever expected to cause as much of an uproar as it did."

It's unclear what the future holds in store for Smith, but it sounds like he wants to play football next season. Whether he'll be back in the nation's capital for this fall is a different story.

Smith is currently under contract through the 2022 season.