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Redskins Legend Updates His Status After Coronavirus Diagnosis

Legendary Redskins defensive lineman Dexter Manley.

17 Jan 1988: Washington Redskins defensive linemen Dave Butz (center) and Dexter Manley (left) combine to sack Minnesota Vikings quarterback Wade Wilson during a playoff game at RFK Stadium in Washington, D. C. The Redskins won the game, 17-10. Mandator

Last month, the football world learned that Washington Redskins legend Dexter Manley tested positive for COVID-19. Fans had to wait a while to receive an update on the two-time Super Bowl champion, but the latest update on him is very encouraging.

Manley went on Twitter to share an update on his health. It turns out the 62-year-old has made a full recovery and is feeling quite well.

He also used his platform to inform his fan base just how serious the virus is and how people need to be smart about it moving forward.

"I want to let all the fans know I appreciated your concerns, the letters, the phone calls," Manley said. "I'm back, and you can't keep a good man down. Coronavirus is no joke. Take it seriously. I want everyone to be smart. If you don't feel well, get tested."

Manley had 91 sacks in 125 games with Washington, which still stands as the most in the franchise's history.

The fact that Manley made a full recovery from the virus is a testament to his toughness. It's been an incredibly hard year for the sports world, but this is a slight glimmer of hope for everyone.

If football actually takes place this fall, Manley will be paying close attention to his Redskins. Besides, the team's latest draft pick in Chase Young might just break a few of Manley's franchise records.