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Uncalled Pass Interference May Have Helped Decide NFL Game

nfl referees talk during a game

(Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)

Today's Washington-Houston game went poorly for Jay Gruden's team in a number of ways. The most notable news from the loss is the injury to starting quarterback Alex Smith, which ends his season.

Smith suffered a broken tibia and fibula on the gruesome play.

Colt McCoy entered the game and played reasonably well. He threw one touchdown, and had Washington in position to win the game late.

Unfortunately, Dustin Hopkins was short on a 63-yarder to win the game, handing the Texans a 23-21 win.

Dustin Hopkins would've had a much easier attempt had the referees made a pass interference call on a player earlier in the drive.

On third down, McCoy looked for wide receiver Josh Doctson down the field.

The throw was into double coverage, but Doctson was completely taken out of the play by the defenders.

Kareem Jackson and Justin Reid were in coverage, and both definitely make early contact with Doctson on the play.

Washington fans can't be happy about anything that went down late in this game, especially with the team in line for the playoffs atop the NFC East.

Washington is now 6-4 and one game up in the division, but it will be McCoy going forward.