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Terrelle Pryor Lost It On A Kansas City Heckler Monday Night

Terrelle Pryor flips the bird at a fan.

YouTube/TMZ Sports

Terrelle Pryor had his best game with Washington on Monday night, but he certainly didn't have his best moment with the team directly after the game.

Pryor caught three of five targets for 70 yards and his first touchdown of the season during the team's Monday Night Football loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

The game was a really tough loss for Washington, which surrendered a go-ahead field goal with a few seconds left, and then fumbled on the final play of the game, which was returned by Chiefs star Justin Houston for a touchdown to turn the knife at the last second.

After the game, as he was exiting the field, Chiefs fans got after Pryor. He did not react well. TMZ has video.

From TMZ's write-up:

As he's entering the tunnel, the wideout drops an f-bomb and 1-finger salute on the heckler -- which got more K.C. fans to clap back.

But Terrelle REALLY lost it when the same guy called him a "little p*ssy" ... to the point where a team staffer had to step in and restrain him. At one point, Pryor acts like he's going to swing his helmet at the fan but stops himself.

That had to be a frustrating way to lose, but reacting to hecklers like this is never a good look.