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Watch: NBC's Cris Collinsworth Thinks President Trump Should Apologize For His Comments About NFL Players

Cris Collinsworth on NBC.

Collinsworth spoke on the topic before tonight's Sunday Night Football game.

Throughout the day in the NFL, dozens of players engaged in pregame protests. Players have said their demonstrations are against racism and police brutality but some people are unhappy they are kneeling or sitting during the anthem.

On Friday, President Donald Trump called players who protested "sons of bitches" and said they should be fired. These comments sparked a massive response from players and led to what you saw on the field today.

Before tonight's Sunday Night Football game between the Washington Redskins and Oakland Raiders, NBC analyst Cris Collinsworth was asked about Trump's comments.

Collinsworth said the President should apologize, saying of the players protesting "They’re not SOBs, they’re smart thoughtful guys, they really are.”

"They've seen things that are unimaginable in some cases," Collinsworth continued. "They want exactly what the President wants. They want a better America. Their version of how to get there is different from the President. I understand that.

“But I guarantee you if the president invited — I can make a list of 10 guys — to the White House and heard their stories and heard their thoughts and heard how concerned they are about America, they would find the common ground and they would move this forward.”

Collinsworth's full comments are below.

Before the game, many Oakland Raiders players sat during the anthem. Six Redskins players kneeled; others locked arms and stood.

The Redskins lead the Raiders 7-0 in the first half.