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Colin Cowherd Says 1 NFL Head Coach Needs To 'Escape'

Colin Cowherd on FS1's The Herd.

Colin Cowherd on air for FS1's The Herd.

There are a number of NFL teams currently struggling to make it work with their head coach. But Colin Cowherd believes that one head coach should try and get out before his reputation suffers.

On Thursday's edition of The Herd, Cowherd argued that Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy should try and find a way out of Chicago. He feels that he's too good of a coach to go through the continued struggles the franchise is having.

Cowherd pointed out that the team acquiring Andy Dalton and immediately naming him the starter wasn't their first choice. He believes that the team doesn't know what it's doing and that Nagy shouldn't suffer for it.

"We know Chicago pursued other QBs," Cowherd said. "We know Andy Dalton wasn't their first choice... Matt Nagy needs to escape. I think he can coach."

Matt Nagy joined the Bears in 2018 after a stellar run as offensive coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs. He went 12-4, reached the playoffs and made Mitch Trubisky a Pro Bowler in his first year.

But the Bears have gone just 16-16 over the last two seasons. And despite making the playoffs in 2020, the Bears don't seem to many like a team on the ascent.

Meanwhile, Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace are believed to have a playoff mandate in 2021. A season like the last two might be the end for both of them in Chicago.

Should Matt Nagy start orchestrating his way out?