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Madden 21 Simulation Predicts A Wild Super Bowl Result

49ers and Chiefs helmets in front of the Lombardi Trophy ahead of the NFL Super Bowl in 2020.

MIAMI, FLORIDA - JANUARY 29: The Vince Lombardi Trophy is displayed with helmets of the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs prior to a press conference with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for Super Bowl LIV at the Hilton Miami Downtown on January 29, 2020 in Miami, Florida. The 49ers will face the Chiefs in the 54th playing of the Super Bowl, Sunday February 2nd. (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

On Wednesday, Yahoo Sports ran their annual "Madden Predictions" with the latest edition of the video game.

The simulation made a few bold predictions throughout the course of the season. Quarterback Tom Brady felt right at home in Tampa, throwing for over 4,00 yards and nearly 40 touchdowns.

Despite his success, the Buccaneers failed to make the playoffs. Meanwhile, Cam Newton performed well in New England, leading the Patriots to the playoffs.

Perhaps the most interesting result of the simulation came from the NFC North. The Chicago Bears emerged as the best team in the NFC after Nick Foles won the quarterback battle with Mitchell Trubisky.

Not only did Foles win the quarterback battle, but he also took home the league's MVP award.

From Yahoo Sports:

[Nick Foles, yes Nick Foles, wins MVP]. If you’ve made it this far, congrats, because you’re about to enter the “Madden” Twilight Zone. Foles finished with a league-best 4,801 yards, 44 TDs, 5 interceptions and 70 percent completion rate. If this was “Madden 2014,” I might buy this since Foles was coming off his 27-touchdown breakout with the Eagles. In 2020, I’d be hard pressed to find something less likely to happen.

Foles led the Bears to the Super Bowl, where Chicago took down the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs.

It's an interesting prediction, but we've seen playoff success from Nick Foles in the past.

Can he beat Trubisky to become the team's starter and make this simulation a reality?