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Watch: The Chicago Bears Ran The Greatest 2-Point Conversion Play Of All-Time

This was a thing of beauty.

The Chicago Bears just tied the Minnesota Vikings at 17 on what might be the greatest two-point play ever.

The Bears trimmed Minnesota's lead to 17-15 on the first career touchdown pass for rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. After Trubisky hit tight end Zach Miller for the score, Chicago lined up for two.

What started out a simple zone play to the left, with running back Jordan Howard taking the handoff, turned into some major trickeration.

Miller came across the formation, but not to block. Instead, he took a handoff from Howard and then option pitched to Trubisky, who walked into the end zone.

Behold this play, in all its glory.

Being creative enough to design that play is one thing. Being ballsy enough to run it in an actual key moment in a game is another.

Shout out to Da Bears.