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Watch: Embarrassing Roughing Penalty In Lions vs. Vikings

Roughing the passer called on the Lions.


There have been plenty of bad roughing the passer calls over the years, but the penalty we just witnessed in Detroit might just take the cake.

Minnesota went for it on fourth-and-goal with a little over 11 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. Detroit safety Tracy Walker broke through the offensive line and had a clear shot to sack Kirk Cousins.

Walker didn't hit Cousins hard at all, yet the officiating crew threw a flag for roughing the passer. All the players on Detroit's sideline threw their arms up in disgust at the call.

A few plays later, the Vikings managed to get in the end zone because of the penalty. It was a game-changing call by the officiating crew, and it's one that could result in a loss for the Lions.

ESPN's Mike Greenberg had a strong reaction to this penalty, tweeting "I’ve seen a lot of terrible roughing the passer calls but the one on the Lions just now may have been the worst." 

Greenberg wasn't the only member of the media that was really disappointed with this penalty. NFL Network's Rich Eisen believes it's time for the league to address this problem.

"Easily the worst roughing the passer penalty that truly wasn’t just happened in Detroit to erase a turnover on downs for the Lions," Eisen wrote on Twitter. "Seek it out. Just dreadful."