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Injury Update On Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford

A general view of the Detroit Lions field.

It has been a rough opening night for Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford. He would definitely like a mulligan.

Stafford has been intercepted twice in the first half, with the first INT leading to a New York Jets touchdown. Now, Stafford might be injured.

While dropping back to pass in his end zone in the second quarter, Stafford's left leg appeared to give way. He wound up on the ground after the throw and grabbed his knee.

Stafford didn't miss a play on the series, but was limping around the field. He didn't look right either when he had to leave the pocket one play.

Here's the play where Stafford was injured:

Stafford is currently sitting on the sidelines with his teammates, but does not look like he will be missing a snap. He hasn't been looked at by medical personnel.

Perhaps the Lions dodged another serious bullet after Darius Slay was not seriously injured earlier in the game. They can ill-afford to lose Stafford, who has started every game since early on in the 2010 season.

We'll see if Stafford is able to give it a go when his team gets back on the field.

You can watch the Lions and Jets on ESPN. It is the first game of a doubleheader on the network tonight.