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Aaron Rodgers Has Brutally Honest Comment On Fan Overreactions

A closeup of Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers.

GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN - DECEMBER 30: Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers warms up before a game against the Detroit Lions at Lambeau Field on December 30, 2018 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is tired of all the fan and media overreactions within the NFL and after the Packers' strong start to the season.

It was a mysterious off-season in Green Bay. The Packers failed to sign any big-name receivers or even pick up one in the 2020 NFL Draft. Instead, the organization drafted Utah State quarterback Jordan Love in the first round, which probably didn't bode too well with Rodgers.

But two weeks into the season, there's no denying the Packers are off to a hot and unexpected start. Rodgers and the Green Bay offense looks like one of the best units in the NFL, averaging 42.5 points per game. The Packers' high-powered offense is a big reason they're 2-0 right now.

Packers fans are having a field day with the team's start. But Rodgers thinks fan overreactions need to stop. Instead, he wants fans to let the season play out before anyone overreacts to one game or one play.

"I think it's totally ridiculous," Rodgers said regarding fan overreactions. ". . . It's going to be overreaction Monday and Tuesday and probably all week. . . . We're two weeks in. Let things play out. Teams don't figure out their identity until weeks into the season."

Take a look at the rest of what Rodgers had to say in the video below.

Aaron Rodgers is right - there's way too many overreactions in the sports world these days.

For example, some are already questioning whether the Saints should move on quarterback Drew Brees after Brees' rough start to the season, which is totally ridiculous.

As for Rodgers and the Packers, there's no denying they look like one of the best teams in the NFC. But a lot can change between now and the end of the season.