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Jeopardy! Viewers Polled On Aaron Rodgers, Other Potential Full-Time Hosts

Aaron Rodgers introduced as a Jeopardy! guest host.


Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is one of the most popular guest hosts for Jeopardy!, filling in for the late Alex Trebek. He probably isn't the favorite for the job after his two-week run, though.

Civic Science ran a pretty extensive series of polls on the guest Jeopardy! hosts so far. Rodgers clearly made a pretty strong impression with many fans, but not quite up to the level of Ken Jennings, arguably the greatest champion in the show's history.

In a poll of the show's fans, Jennings comes out ahead among the guest hosts, with 22-percent of viewers naming him as their preference. Rodgers comes in at a solid 16-percent in second, with no one else cracking four-percent. I'm not sure/no opinion is the most popular option, at 51-percent, as we head towards another set of guests hosts later this year.

Interestingly, Rodgers seems to be the pick of the youngest group of viewers. 28-percent of those 18-24 like him to get the job, ahead of 24-percent for Jennings. Jennings comes out ahead in the rest of the demographics, and Rodgers' popularity wanes as the viewers get older.

Aaron Rodgers also has a slight edge among fans who usually watch Jeopardy streaming, at 20-percent to Jennings' 16-percent. Jennings has a slight edge among those who watch live (26 to 22), and DVR (18 to 14), and a huge lead among On Demand viewers (23 to 11).

Rodgers is also the most polarizing of the choices. When asked "which of the following potential Jeopardy! hosts would you be least inclined to watch regularly if they were given the permanent job," Rodgers has the highest percentage at 16-percent, ahead of LeVar Burton, one of the most popular upcoming guest hosts, and Jennings (11-percent).

Sports Business Journalunpacked some of the ratings from Rodgers' shows compared to the pack, and again he comes behind Jennings. Jennings' averaged over 10 million viewers for three of his six weeks, and was between 9.75 and 9.9 million for the others. Mike Richards, the show's executive producer, was at 9.895 million for one week, and 9.729 for the others. Rodgers averaged 9.193 million viewers in his first week, and 9.081 million in the second. Katie Couric also came in ahead of Rodgers, though the quarterback beat out Dr. Oz, Bill Whitaker, and Anderson Cooper.

Rodgers wants the job, and there have been suggestions that it could serve as something of an escape hatch as he and the Green Bay Packers continue to fall out. He has an uphill climb to beat out some of the more established Jeopardy! figures, but his numbers are still pretty impressive.

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