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Report: Packers Have Placed Aaron Rodgers On Injured Reserve

The Green Bay Packers have made a big, if expected, decision about injured superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers underwent surgery to repair the broken collarbone he suffered against the Vikings last Sunday.

While the operation was successful, according to Rodgers, he will still miss a large chunk of time, and likely the rest of the season.

The Packers have placed the quarterback on injured reserve, meaning he will be out for at least eight weeks.

Rodgers is the eighth Packers player to hit the IR this season.

The Green Bay Press-Gazette reached out to an orthopedic specialist, who said the earliest Rodgers could potnetially return is probably 10 weeks out.

If the Packers place Rodgers on injured reserve, he will miss at least eight weeks and likely longer. Earlier this week, an orthopedic specialist told the soonest he would expect Rodgers to play in a best-case scenario is 10 weeks after the injury.

That would mean Rodgers could play in the season's second game against the Vikings on December 23, but again, that is the "best-case scenario." If the Packers are out of the playoff hunt, or if Rodgers is not close to 100-percent, it seems extremely unlikely that the team would run him back out there that quickly.

Update: Apparently the Packers think there's a slight chance that Rodgers could be back for the December 17 game at the Carolina Panthers, per ESPN's Rob Demovsky.

Packers holding out hope that Aaron Rodgers could return for Dec. 17 at Carolina, per a source. Might be a long shot, but they're hoping.

That would be an incredibly quick turnaround, but the Packers and their fans certainly have their fingers crossed.