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Chicago Tribune Savagely Trolls Aaron Rodgers After Olivia Munn Breakup

The Chicago Tribune had a bit of fun with Aaron Rodgers' breakup with Olivia Munn on Friday morning.

It's fair to say that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has tormented the people of Chicago for the last decade. The Packers, since Rodgers took over as signal-caller, are 14-4 against their main rival. Friday, one of the city's biggest newspapers had a bit of fun trolling Rodgers regarding details of his personal life.

How? After it was reported that Rodgers and his movie star girlfriend Olivia Munn had broken up, the paper ran the below headline. Essentially, by calling him her "boyfriend", the paper implied that she is the more famous of the two. Check it out:

So, which one is more famous in reality? It's actually a toss-up. Rodgers is one of the most well-known football players in the world, but the entire world doesn't play football. Munn, meanwhile, isn't exactly an A-list star, but she has been in a number of movies that have had worldwide reach.

Either way, Rodgers and the Packers - per usual - will get the Bears twice this upcoming season.