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No Discussions Between Davante Adams, Packers: Fans React

Green Bay Packers star wide receiver Davante Adams.

GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN - JANUARY 16: Davante Adams #17 of the Green Bay Packers celebrates defeating the Los Angeles Rams 32-18 in the NFC Divisional Playoff game at Lambeau Field on January 16, 2021 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Earlier this afternoon, Aaron Rodgers made an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show and said he's not ready to make a decision on his future just yet.

Reports from earlier this offseason suggested Rodgers would wait to see what happens with Davante Adams' contract negotiations before making a decision. However, Packers insider Tom Silverstein suggested no such negotiations have taken place.

"If QB Aaron Rodgers is waiting for a Davante Adams deal to get done before making a decision, he'll be waiting a bit," Silverstein reported. "There have been no discussions between the Packers and Adams since the season ended, a source said. Team has until March 8 to decide whether to use franchise tag."

Some fans believe it's actually Adams who is waiting to see what happens with Rodgers.

"I'd bet it's the other way around. Davante Adams is waiting to see what Aaron Rodgers is going to do," one fan said.

Others believe there is a chicken or the egg scenario at play. "Packers are kind of in a weird space with this one though, because it makes zero sense to extend Adams if Rodgers doesn’t come back. And it doesn’t make sense for Adams to sign that deal if he doesn’t know who is gonna be his QB," another fan said.

Will Rodgers return to Green Bay next season? How about Adams?

Fans will just have to wait and see.