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Randy Moss' Story About His Lambeau Mooning Is Going Viral

Randy Moss for the Oakland Raiders in a game.

Oakland receiver Randy Moss checks the scoreboard versus the New York Giants at McAfee Coliseum, Oakland, California, Dec. 31, 2005. The Giants defeated the Raiders, 30-21. (Photo by Robert B. Stanton/NFLPhotoLibrary)

Randy Moss has one of the most-infamous touchdown celebrations in NFL history. The legendary wide receiver "mooned" Packers fans at Lambeau Field during a playoff game in Green Bay in 2005.

The celebration was instantly ridiculed by FOX announcer Joe Buck, who called it a "disgusting act." The NFL ended up fining Moss $10,000 for the move.

Moss recently opened up about his celebration, explaining why he did it and confirming that he has no regrets about it. The Hall of Fame wide receiver revealed that he was "inspired" by a group of Packers fans he saw while riding on the team bus.

"There's probably like 10 white a---s sitting over there over the hill, they've got all their pants down," Moss said. "Nothing but white moons all lined up."

So, Moss decided to give it back to them after scoring a touchdown. Moss made sure to note that he had no plans to actually pull his pants down. He added that it was "all in fun."

Former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Tommy Kramer shared video of Moss' explanation.

Randy Moss is just a great storyteller (along with being one of the greatest football players the NFL has ever seen).

It's cool to see that the legendary wide receiver can look back on that moment and smile.