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Report: How Jeopardy Actually Feels About Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers introduced as a Jeopardy! guest host.


Just hours before the NFL draft was set to kick off, ESPN insider Adam Schefter revealed some news that had the NFL world in chaos.

The ESPN insider sent the NFL world into a frenzy when he announced that Aaron Rodgersno longer wants to play for the Green Bay Packers. According to Schefter, Rodgers was unhappy when the team traded up to draft quarterback Jordan Love.

Immediately following the news, details of his frustration with the Packers and potential landing spots emerged. One potential landing spot isn't on an NFL field.

NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport made it clear the Jeopardy! brass loved what they saw from Rodgers during his hosting stint.

"He really impressed the brass during his stint on Jeopardy," Rapoport said. "The belief is, when they finish auditions, he’ll be among those with a chance to do the job full-time. If this isn’t sorted out, a job hosting is also a possibility."

If Rodgers doesn't plan to leave the league for Jeopardy!, NFL insider Mike Florio floated a few other landing spots.

Florio also suggested Rodgers prefers to play on the West Coast.

"Key factors: Rodgers prefers West Coast. Packers will want him out of conference," Florio said. "Packers prefer handing baton to Jordan Love, so they don’t need a QB in return. Top candidates would seem to be Raiders and Broncos, if they’re interested."

What will the Packers do with Rodgers?