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Controversial NFL Draft Pick Announcer Has Blunt Message

Controversial NFL Draft announcer

Ed Marinaro made a lot of NFL fans and media upset at the NFL Draft on Friday.

Marinaro was awarded the opportunity to announce the Minnesota Vikings' second-round pick. He then proceeded to come on stage and tell his life story before Ashton Ramburg came on the stage and told him to read the card.

Marinaro has now spoken about the situation to Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press and confirmed that it wasn't his intention to turn the pick announcement into a circus.

“I certainly didn’t set out to create a brouhaha that it turned into,” Marinaro said. "It’s just kind of weird. Obviously, I’m aware of what a lot of people thought, but a lot more people thought it was fun and entertaining.”

Marinaro must have not been reading social media during his speech or heard the crowd.

There were a lot of boos, plus NFL fans were over the schtick once it got too painful for them.

Perhaps Marinaro could get some redemption down the line if Minnesota gets a chance to host the NFL Draft.