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FS1 Analyst Nick Wright's Playoff Predictions Did Not Go Well

nick wright

No one is perfect, but these picks were really bad.

Did you make NFL playoff predictions? Maybe among your friends, or on social media, or by betting, legally or illegally?

Well if you did, chances are you did better at picking the games than FS1 analyst Nick Wright, whose playoff picks have been nothing short of abysmal.

Back on January 6, as the NFL Playoffs were set to begin, Wright tweeted out his picks. He got three out of four Wild Card games wrong, with the Jaguars over the Bills the only one he nailed.

But he didn't stop there. Wright took the Chiefs, Steelers, Panthers and Rams to win in the Divisional Round. The Chiefs, Panthers and Rams didn't even make it that far, and the Steelers lost to Jacksonville today.

In case you were wondering, Wright had Pittsburgh beating the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl, which can't happen.

In case you needed proof about Wright's whiff, here is the tweet below, which is making its rounds again today.

Read it and weep (or laugh).

It's okay Nick, we all mess them up from time to time.