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Report: Vikings Trainers "May Have Saved" Teddy Bridgewater's Leg, Career

According to a report, Teddy Bridgewater's leg and career may have been saved by Minnesota's staff.

Tuesday afternoon, Bridgewater, one of the rising stars in the NFL, suffered a horrific knee injury. Bridgewater's injury, which was considered non-contact, was phoned in as a dislocated knee. The Vikings later released that Bridgewater suffered a "completely torn" ACL, a dislocated knee and "other structural damage."

Injury expert Will Carroll is reporting that Bridgewater's injury was a "tibiofemoral dislocation." He says that he was told that the Vikings' trainers "may have saved" both Bridgewater's leg and career.

Do yourself a favor - don't Google "tibiofemoral dislocation."

NFL teams have some of the best trainers and doctors in the country - and it's because of these kinds of situations. Let's hope Bridgewater makes a full recovery. He's one of the most likable players in the league.