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Watch: A Fan Ran On The Field During Tonight's Falcons-Seahawks Game

A streaker runs onto the field at the Georgia Dome.


Georgia Dome streaker: a fan ran on the field in Atlanta during the Falcons vs. Seahawks playoff game.

Today's game hasn't been a huge thriller, as the Falcons are handling the Seahawks 29-13 in the second half, but one fan tried to spice things up. Obviously the broadcast did not show the fan, but it is 2017, and there are cameras everywhere.

Here's what went down:

It took a decent effort by security to get the streaker down.

Considering the state of the Seahawks secondary in recent weeks, maybe the streaker thought he could make it all the way across the field unscathed? It wasn't a bad effort, but in the end, the security came up with the big stop.