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NFL Fans Calling For 1 Head Coach To Be Fired Immediately

A general view of the Falcons stadium.

ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 12: A general view of Mercedes-Benz Stadium prior to the game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Dallas Cowboys on November 12, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

Stop me if you've heard this one before: The Atlanta Falcons lost a big game after blowing a double-digit lead in the fourth quarter. Well, it's not deja vu - Dan Quinn and his team did it again.

The Falcons lost 30-26 to the Chicago Bears despite going into the fourth quarter with a 26-10 lead. But Nick Foles recovered from a shaky start off the bench to lead Chicago on three touchdown drives in the fourth.

After the Falcons blew a 20-point lead to the Dallas Cowboys just last week, Falcons fans and NFL pundits alike know who needs to take the fall for this one: Dan Quinn. A simple Twitter search yields hundreds of calls for Quinn to be fired immediately.

"Falcons need to rip the bandage off," The Falcoholic wrote. "With the number of injuries they had heading into this, a solid performance probably would've been enough to convince (Falcons owner Arthur) Blank they could wait another week. Instead, they blew another huge lead. There's no upside to waiting."

"Dan Quinn having a job during 10 percent unemployment rate nationwide is a crime against humanity," FOX commentator Nick Wright tweeted.

At 0-3 on the season, Atlanta's playoff hopes are already on life support. The team has missed the playoffs in each of the last two seasons, going 7-9 in back-to-back years.

They're a far cry from the world-beaters that went 11-5 in 2016 en route to winning the NFC Championship Game. Of course, we all know what Quinn and the Falcons did in Super Bowl LI...

But blown leads have become the story of Quinn's career in Atlanta. He's going to need one heck of a sales pitch for his bosses on Monday - or this afternoon - if he wants to survive the week, let alone the season.