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Report: Falcons Were "Blindsided" By Julio Jones Interview

Shannon Sharpe on Julio Jones.


Julio Jones' impromptu interview with Shannon Sharpe on Undisputed where he revealed he's "outta there" when talking about the Atlanta Falcons stunned the NFL world. But as shocked as some fans were, the Falcons themselves may have been even more surprised.

According to Front Office Sports, the Falcons were "blindsided" by the phone call between Jones and Sharpe. Per the report, the team feels that the interview "undercut their negotiating position" as they try to trade their Pro Bowl wideout.

The Falcons have quietly been trying to trade Jones for a while now. But they did not know in advance or have any input on Jones doing the interview.

Front Office Sports further reported that the interview could have consequences for Fox Sports and Shannon Sharpe. Atlanta could either pressure the network to issue an apology of some sort. Or they could have the NFL deal with FOX as it relates to their media partnership.

Furthermore, Front Office Sports pointed out that the state of California - where Undisputed is recorded from - is a two-party consent state as it pertains to recording. If Julio Jones was not aware that he was being recorded, Sharpe could face legal consequences.

Though as of writing there have not been any charges filed against Sharpe for doing so.

One thing's for sure, Julio Jones will have a really hard time returning to the Falcons now. Whether that leads to adequate compensation for Atlanta in a trade, only time will tell.

Should Shannon Sharpe and/or Fox Sports be penalized for the Julio Jones interview?