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The Patriots Are Getting Blown Out In The Super Bowl And The Internet Is Loving It

The Patriots are getting crushed in the Super Bowl, and the Internet is loving every minute of it.

The most-hated franchise in the NFL? Recently, that title belongs to the New England Patriots. Led by arguably the greatest quarterback and greatest coach in NFL history, people love to hate the Patriots.

Well, the Atlanta Falcons are giving the people what they want. The Falcons lead the Patriots 21-3 at the half.

No team in NFL history has come back from more than a 10-point deficit to win. The Patriots have a long road ahead of them if they want to win and give Tom Brady a fifth ring.

The Patriot-hate is real among the Twitter community. That's what happens when one team dominates as much as the Patriots have over the past 16 years with Tom Brady at the helm.

If the Falcons hold on, the Internet is going to become a frenzy of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick memes.