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Gatorade Issues Statement Addressing Cam Newton Controversy

Cam Netwon during a press conference.

Cam Newton is under fire for how he addressed a question from a female reporter on Wednesday. Now, he's hearing from the brands that he endorses.

When asked a question by beat reporter Jourdan Rodrigue about receiver Devin Funchess's route running, Newton said that it was "funny to hear a female talk about routes."

Dannon, which owns Oikos yogurt, released a statement earlier today, which called Newton's answer 'sexist,' and says that the company will no longer be working with the Panthers quarterback.

Now Gatorade has also released a statement regarding the former NFL MVP. While it does not appear that the company is dropping him, it calls the comments "objectionable" and "disrespectful."

We'll continue to update as more comes out about the backlash to Newton's comments.

His Panthers travel to Detroit to face the Lions this Sunday.