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Michelle Beadle Told White Men To "Shut Up And Listen" And The Internet Lost Its Mind

Michelle Beadle tells white men to shut up and listen.


Michelle Beadle's rant on SportsNation is going viral.

ESPN personality Michelle Beadle had an interesting rant on SportsNation this past Thursday in the aftermath of controversy surrounding Cam Newton's sexist comments made to a Panthers reporter.

Beadle isn't a fan of those who say that Newton's words "weren't a big deal" - adding that she hears a lot from white men regarding how black people and women should feel about certain topics.

Beadle suggested that those in that camp "shut up and listen" for once. It didn't sit well with some people, and she took to Twitter on Saturday morning to defend herself.

First, here's the clip:

Here's Beadle's string of tweets on Saturday morning.

You can catch Beadle weekdays on SportsNation on ESPN2 at 3:30 PM ET.