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Colin Cowherd Is Not Buying 1 NFC Super Bowl Contender

Colin Cowherd names the eight America's Teams.

Colin Cowherd/FS1.

We're two weeks in to the 2020 NFL season and the early Super Bowl contenders are starting to reveal themselves. But Colin Cowherd believes that one team should no longer be in that Super Bowl conversation anymore.

On Wednesday's edition of The Herd, Cowherd declared that he's not buying what the New Orleans Saints are selling. Cowherd indicated that Drew Brees' physical limitations at his age will keep the Saints from contending.

"I can't buy into the Saints as a Super Bowl team," Cowherd said. He explained that mobile quarterbacks are succeeding where the pocket passer are not.

That pretty much tracks with other things Cowherd has said this week and in previous weeks. Just yesterday he declared that Drew Brees in no longer an elite QB following his Monday night loss to the Raiders.

It's becoming increasingly clear that there are some limitations on what Drew Brees can do at age 41. That didn't stop him from completing 68-percent of his passes for 311 yards and a touchdown though.

It certainly didn't help that the New Orleans Saints were without all-world wide receiver Michael Thomas against the Las Vegas Raiders this week. But given that just about every NFL team has major injury problems right now, that's no excuse.

If there's one thing that does need correcting on the Saints before midseason it's the defense. The team struggled to stop a nosebleed against the Raiders on Monday after a solid effort against the Bucs in Week 1.

Is Colin Cowherd right about the Saints not looking like a contender anymore?