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The Internet Is Convinced Sean Payton Is Wearing The Roger Goodell "Clown" Shirt Under His Pullover

Sean Payton wearing a shirt at a press conference.

Wednesday, New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton spoke for the first time since his team lost in heartbreaking fashion to the Los Angeles Rams in the NFC title game. As you remember, the Saints lost in overtime after a missed pass interference call allowed the Rams to get the ball back and tie the game in the final moments of regulation.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has taken a lot of heat in the aftermath of the game - mostly for choosing not to comment on what transpired. It's possible that Payton sent him a message today.

Payton, at the press conference, wore a blue pullover with some kind of light blue tee shirt underneath. The internet is convinced they know what the tee shirt has on it.

Barstool Sports sells a Roger Goodell "clown" shirt - mostly because founder Dave Portnoy took issue with how Goodell handled Deflategate with the New England Patriots.

It's hard to tell if it is the shirt - but it sure looks like it. People are breaking it down pixel-by-pixel to try to see if they're right.

Payton likely won't give fans the answer. But if he is wearing the shirt, it's a strong message.

Meanwhile, the Rams are getting ready to take on the Patriots in the Super Bowl this Sunday.