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Watch: Saints Fan Throws TV Off Balcony Following Loss

This dude was unhappy.

The New Orleans Saints suffered a devastating defeat at the hands of the Minnesota Vikings today, thanks to Stefon Diggs' miraculous 61-yard touchdown reception on the final play of the game.

As you might imagine, Saints fans took the loss hard. Who could blame them?

However, one Saints fan went above and beyond to show his anger, taking it out on his home electronics.

All we know about this angry Saints fan is his name is Kyle and apparently he threw his 65-inch flat screen television off a balcony following the loss.

Now, if we had to guess, he probably was going to get rid of this anyway and was just showing off for social media.

Still, it is pretty damn extreme.

Hopefully there was no one below him when he did this.

We're writing this video up, and this guy will go viral.

Still, we highly recommend you don't do this at home.