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Colin Cowherd Believes The Growing Tom Brady Rumor

Colin Cowherd talks Russell Wilson trade rumors.


After a 39-day retirement, Tom Brady announced he was returning to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, the legendary quarterback has since been linked to another team.

There have been rumors that Brady was actually close to coming back and joining the Miami Dolphins, where he'd have teamed up with Sean Payton, who also retired this offseason after almost two decades coaching the New Orleans Saints.

That might sound farfetched, but Pro Football Talk, Ben Volin of the Boston Globe and others have since reported on the alleged details of the plan. Also, Colin Cowherd is buying that Brady almost wound up wearing aqua.

"You can put the things together now. We know it to be true," Cowherd said. "It's that Brady had a deal to go to the Miami Dolphins, like a Derek Jeter to the Marlins, be an owner, be a quarterback for a year, Sean Payton comes over...It was all in the works, then the [Brian Flores] lawsuit. Not a shock, the Dolphins screwed it up."

Assuming this is true, this story line has the potential to be one of the great "what ifs?" in recent NFL history.

As it stands though, Brady is back in Tampa, this time with a new head coach (Todd Bowles) and another opportunity to add to his already peerless legacy.