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Colin Cowherd's Latest QB List Is Going Viral

FS1's Colin Cowherd.

Colin Cowherd speaks on the air on FS1.

When it comes to ranking quarterbacks, the most consistent thing about FOX's Colin Cowherd is in inconsistency.

He made that much clear with his latest ranking, where he broke down the "Top 5 Arm Talents" in the NFL. Cowherd determined arm strength to be "Do you throw a catchable ball?", "Do you throw a soft deep-ball?" and "Is it in stride?"

From there, he began making his ranking and led off his list with Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson, his favorite QB. After Wilson (in order) were Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Kyler Murray and Jared Goff. Naturally, Cowherd adjusted his standards while he was listing off the ranking.

After putting his list together, Cowherd took to Twitter and encouraged fans to "discuss" it. Well, here we are, and the discussion is going pretty much how you'd expect: With vehement disagreement.

Some conspicuous absences from the list were Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes - both of whom Cowherd has various issues with.

You'll be hard-pressed to find a comment on either of those two posts that doesn't have someone tearing Cowherd's list to shreds.

"Even after the video and context. I still don’t understand this list," one person wrote.

There are many different ways to evaluate "arm strength" and "arm talent". But it certainly looks like Colin Cowherd used this list to promote players he already loves and leave off ones he doesn't.