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Josh McDaniels Reacts To Tom Brady Coming Out Of Retirement

Josh McDaniels talks to Tom Brady.

FOXBOROUGH, MA - SEPTEMBER 22: Tom Brady #12 talks with New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels during the fourth quarter against the New York Jets at Gillette Stadium on September 22, 2019 in Foxborough, Massachusetts. (Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images)

Few people in the NFL have worked with Tom Brady as much as Las Vegas Raiders head coach Josh McDaniels. So it should be no surprise he had some thoughts on Brady coming out of his brief retirement.

Speaking at the NFL owners meeting today, McDaniels didn't seem surprised that Brady came out of retirement. He said that Brady deserves the chance to choose when and how he retires. McDaniels believes that Brady is still playing at a high level and that it would have been sad to see him leave with so much still in the tank.

“Whatever he chooses to do, he deserves the opportunity to choose what he wants to do and how he wants to do it,” McDaniels said, via ProFootballTalk. “I just think I see a guy that’s playing at an extremely high level. Super competitive. And at this age, nobody’s really done this before. So to see him playing at that level and walk away, I think all of us would’ve been a little sad on opening day had that been the case.

“But knowing him like I do, how competitive he is, if he can still do it at a high level, if he can still compete to win championships, it doesn’t shock me that he came back.”

It probably helps Josh McDaniels that his Raiders won't have to face Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2022 (barring a Super Bowl appearance).

McDaniels got his NFL start in 2001 - the same year Brady became the starter - and the two worked together for 16 of the next 19 years.

If there's one person who wants Brady to have all the continued success in the world, it's McDaniels.