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Look: The Buccaneers Have Revealed Their New Jerseys

It is not just the quarterback that will be new in Tampa Bay this year. The Buccaneers finally revealed their updated uniforms moments ago.

The jerseys were unveiled in a video starring Bucs linebackers Lavonte David and Devin White and wide receiver Chris Godwin. The clip was clearly filmed before Tampa Bay signed Tom Brady, as Godwin can be seen wearing the No. 12 he sported during his first three pro seasons but willingly surrendered to Brady last month.

Davis is wearing the Bucs' new home uniforms, featuring red tops and pewter bottoms. They hearken back to the franchise's glory years in the early 2000s. Overall, they look fine and are a noticeable upgrade from the alarm clock-inspired look the team wore the last few seasons.

The all-white away unis might be the nicest of the bunch. It is a really clean look overall, and you can see Godwin modeling it in the video below.

There is also an all-pewter alternate, worn by White, which is...not great in our eyes. Your opinion may vary though.

Hey, it's not the creamsicles, but these Bucs uniforms are definitely better than what they have been working with. We give them a solid C+ and can be talked into a B.

What are your thoughts?