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Report: Why Tom Brady Was Unhappy With Bruce Arians

Tom Brady and Bruce Arians on the field.

TAMPA, FLORIDA - JANUARY 16: Tom Brady #12 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers talks with head coach Bruce Arians prior to the NFC Wild Card Playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Raymond James Stadium on January 16, 2022 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

There have been multiple reports about how Tom Brady wasn't happy with former head coach Bruce Arians, though they've all been denied.

There's now another report that's surfaced that has to do with game plans for each game.

David Hyde of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel confirmed that Brady was frustrated with how Arians prepared for games each week. He did things a bit differently than Brady was usually accustomed to in New England.

"Brady, as in New England, showed up each Tuesday morning with a game plan for the following Sunday, a source said," Hyde wrote. "He expected coaches to do the same. Arians, busy with other work, wasn’t ready at that early point in a workweek to complete a full game plan. It became representative of small-ish but significant problems between them.”

Neither party has confirmed if this is true or not, but it's fascinating the reports about the two's relationship being sour haven't stopped.

Arians is now in the Bucs' front office while Todd Bowles will be the head coach in 2022 and beyond.

This certainly won't be the last report that comes out about their relationship while they were on the sideline together.