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Tom Brady 'Tuck Rule' Admission Going Viral: NFL World Reacts

Melissa Stark on the sideline

ABC Monday Night Football sideline commentator Melissa Stark interviews quarterback Tom Brady (12) of the New England Patriots after the game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots in Foxboro, Mass. on 09/09/2002. The Patriots beat the Steelers 30-14. ©Robert E. Klein (Photo by Robert Klein/Getty Images)

The "Tuck Rule" Game is one of the most iconic moments in NFL history, becoming the springboard into Tom Brady's first Super Bowl win and kicking off the Patriots' early-2000s dynasty. But Brady has a secret from that game he wants to share with us all.

In a recent video he posted to Twitter, Brady responded to a TikTok video asking for people to reveal a secret. Brady looked around before whispering into the camera that "it might have been a fumble."

The play in question was a strip sack on Brady by Charles Woodson in the 2001 AFC Divisional Playoff Round that was later ruled an incomplete pass. Had the play stood as a fumble, the Raiders would have won. Instead, the Patriots drove down the field for a game-tying field goal and won in overtime.

NFL fans love and hate this video from Brady. It's long been argued that Brady's entire legacy hinges on that one game. 

Some fans want to rub that in Brady's face. Others can't help but give the man props for being such a good troll:

That's definitely some pretty good trolling from Tom Brady right there. 20-plus years of NFL dominance has certainly given him all the ammunition to drive other fans crazy over his past accomplishments.

The Buccaneers don't play the Raiders in 2022, so there won't be any farewell game for Brady this year.

But there's no doubt that Raiders fans would love to beat Brady one more time for that catharsis.