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NFL Fans Have Theory About Tony Romo's Comments Tonight

Tony Romo and Jim Nantz on CBS.


Tony Romo has been very defensive of Tom Brady during Sunday's Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Kansas City Chiefs broadcast on CBS.

The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback has defended Brady amid his struggles in Bruce Arians' offense.

Romo has been saying throughout the game that the Bucs need to run more of the Patriots' offense for Brady. The CBS analyst said that the Bucs need to run more motion and let Brady pick apart the defense before the snap, which he often did in New England.

This is all pretty fair, but NFL fans are convinced that Romo is just reiterating what he's been told by his friend in Brady.

"If you read between the lines on Romo all game, Brady told him he doesn't like Bruce Arians' offense and that they need to run New England's offense. Romo has been harping on it all game. Brady tossed Arians under the bus," Jason Whitlock tweeted.

He's far from the only one suggesting that, too.

NBA shooting guard C.J. McCollum, meanwhile, thinks Brady is going a little overboard. "I love you Romo but that’s Brady’s fault lol. No ones else’s. When Winston threw picks it was his fault. Now it’s Toms fault too lol," he wrote.

Both things can be true.

Romo is probably being a little too defensive with his Brady comments. However, he's almost surely been told by Brady that the Buccaneers' offense has issues.

To Brady's credit, he's not saying any of that publicly.

“Just not executing at the highest level,” Brady said this week. “I don’t think it’s more than that. I think we didn’t execute on some short throws [and] we didn’t execute on some medium throws. Just comes down to not as good execution as I think we’re capable of. We’re working hard to improve it and we’ll go out there and try and do a much better job this week.”