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Watch: Police Video Shows Michael Floyd Completely Passed Out Behind Wheel Before DUI Arrest

Michael Floyd behind the wheel.

Video of the recent Michael Floyd DUI arrest has been released, and it doesn't look great for the Cardinals-turned-Patriots wide receiver. has police body camera video up, released by the Scottsdale Police Department.

From the site's write-up on the video:

One of the videos shows a passed-out Michael Floyd in his black Cadillac Escalade stopped in the left turn lane at the intersection of Camelback Road and Goldwater Boulevard on Dec. 12.

Officers pounded on his windows to wake him up and he eventually does.

Officers were eventually able to unlock the driver's side door and get him out of the vehicle. Police said Floyd stumbled and swayed and eventually sat on the median curb.

The police footage shows the former Notre Dame star completely passed out behind the wheel before being woken up by the officer knocking on his window.

Floyd was released by the Cardinals on December 14, shortly after his DUI arrest. He was quickly claimed by the New England Patriots.

This isn't Floyd's first DUI incident. While at Notre Dame, he was suspended after receiving a 2011 drunk driving citation.