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Kelly Stafford Addresses Controversial Super Bowl Celebration Incident

Matthew and Kelly Stafford on video.

During the Los Angeles Rams' Super Bowl parade, photographer Kelly Smiley fell off a stage and fractured her spine. Matthew Stafford's reaction to that fall immediately went viral.

Stafford walked right past Smiley as she fell, which then led to a plethora of questions about why he didn't help her out.

On Wednesday, Stafford's wife, Kelly, appeared on WFAN's Carton & Roberts to discuss this past season for the Rams.

While she was on the air, Kelly addressed the incident from the Rams' championship parade.

"We didn’t know any of that until way past it. I know Matthew wishes he could take that reaction back, but if he tried to help…if anyone saw or heard hum that day, he probably wasn’t in the right state of mind to do anything, and could’ve made it worse,” Stafford said, via Audacy. “It wasn’t the best reaction, but when we got in the car after, he asked me to text the Rams people and make sure she was okay, and the next day was when we tried to figure out a solution.”

After this incident went viral, some questionable tweets from Smiley surfaced. Stafford also commented on that part of the story.

“Part of me feels her whole life was thrown in the washer in a way, and I hate it for everybody involved, but I’ll be totally honest: after I heard about the things said by her 10 years ago, part of me wanted to reach out and say I was sorry this is happening, and I hope you’re not the same person now that you were then – and if you are, hopefully this changes you. Everyone makes mistakes, and I wanted to show compassion.”