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Look: Kelly Stafford Reacts To Fake Aaron Rodgers Quote

Matthew Stafford and his wife, Kelly Stafford.

It's not uncommon to see people fall for a fake quote on the internet. It just happened to Kelly Stafford, the wife of Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford.

Judging by her Instagram story, Kelly seems to have fallen for a made-up remark from Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers which has been circulating online.

The "quote" involved Rodgers discussing Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins.

“Kirk and I are actually good friends. He’s someone I respect a lot," the fake Rodgers quote reads. "We have similar beliefs and values. Each off-season his family will come out and have a meal at my place, he always invites me out to return the favor. You just don’t see players like him and I very often in the league. Take the North for example, if you put him or I on the Lions or Bears we would be the best QB that franchise has ever seen.”

Kelly Stafford offered a rebuttal to what she thought was Rodgers' actual words on her Instagram story.

"Ya you're wrong. Maybe the Bears, maybe," she wrote.

Of course, Matthew Stafford played for the Lions for over a decade and put up some stellar numbers despite subpar supporting casts. It is understandable why Kelly would defend her husband's performance in Detroit.

However, she needs to vet the things she sees online a little bit better the next time she does that. 

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