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The Refs Appeared To Cost The Minnesota Vikings A Touchdown On Blown Call

Adam Thelen makes a catch while not being touched.

The Minnesota Vikings lead the Los Angeles Rams 17-14 midway through the second quarter. They should be up by more.

Minnesota had to settle for a Dan Bailey field goal to take a temporary 10-7 lead after the refs cost them a touchdown. Adam Thielen should have had six points.

Kirk Cousins connected with Thielen for a long gain down the right sideline. The sure-handed receiver made a diving catch after getting behind a Rams defender.

The officials blew the play dead, saying that Thielen was touched. However, a closeup replay indicates that was not the case.

Thielen argued with the officials to no avail.

After the Vikings took a 10-7 lead, the Rams struck back quickly with a long TD pass from Jared Goff to Cooper Kupp. However, the Vikings answered back immediately.

Cousins hooked up with Aldrick Robinson for a touchdown for the second time tonight. Currently, Minnesota leads 17-14.

We've got a good one brewing between two of the best teams in the NFL.