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Jemele Hill Reacts To The News That Colin Kaepernick Has Settled With The NFL

Jemele Hill on ESPN explaining her point.

Friday afternoon, the NFL announced it had settled with Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid in their collusion lawsuit against the league. Reaction to the news has been pouring in from across the sports world.

Former ESPN on-air talent/reporter Jemele Hill, who now works for The Atlantic, has been in Kaepernick's camp for quite some time. After hearing the news, she took to Twitter with her reaction.

Hill believes that Kaepernick had the NFL cornered. She believes the league settled to avoid having another "mountain of bad publicity."

She also poked fun at people who believe that Kaepernick wasn't getting an NFL job because he wasn't a good enough quarterback. She appears to believe this proves them wrong.

Earlier in the day, former NFL star Larry Johnson took to Twitter with his reaction. He isn't so thrilled that Kaepernick settled - he thinks the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback should have stuck it to the league and made them go to trial.

Details from the settlement will not be made public. Some are speculating that Kaepernick walked away a rich man, however.

The next question is whether Kaepernick will look to continue his football career. Stay tuned.