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Report: "Several" NFL Coaches Expect Chip Kelly To Return To College After This Season

Chip Kelly giving a press conference as he leaves the 49ers.

Chip Kelly.

Chip Kelly back to college? It is going to happen after this season, according to one NFL reporter.

According to CBS Sports' Jason LaCanfora, multiple NFL coaches expect Kelly to return to his college roots at the conclusion of the season. Kelly's San Francisco 49ers are 1-5 and going nowhere, with the headlines surrounding Colin Kaepernick's protest being far more noteworthy than anything the team has done on the field.

Kelly's offense continues to be ridiculed by his peers in the NFL, and several coaches I spoke to expect him to hit the eject seat button after this season and return to college before his stock continues to drop given the horrible roster he has in San Francisco.

"He just keeps running the same shit and it isn't fooling anybody," one NFL executive said. "Do you think they could bring him back to Oregon?"

Given Kelly's level of success in college--and his struggles at the professional level--the rumors of him moving down a level have never really gone away. But this off-season, they could be particularly strong.

At least one blue-blood program (LSU) has a vacancy, and some other big-time jobs (Texas, USC) could also open up. That's just the tip of the iceberg too. There would be a litany of programs lining up for Kelly's services if he leaves San Fran.