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Terrell Owens Calls Out Trent Dilfer For Comments On Colin Kaepernick

Former NFL star wide receiver Terrell Owens is the latest person to blast ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer's comments on Colin Kaepernick's protest.

T.O. came to Kaepernick's defense this afternoon, ripping Dilfer on Twitter. Dilfer took heat after he criticized Kaepernick on Sunday for "putting his stance above the team" and not "staying quiet" as a back-up quarterback.

Kaepernick responded to Dilfer's comments yesterday.

Additionally, T.O. praised his longtime nemesis, Skip Bayless, for his take on the matter. Bayless crushed Dilfer for the "plantation mentality" behind his comments.

Dilfer has certainly seen his opinion blow up in his face over the last few days.